About the Artist

I have the gift of the sea and sand each day for my sensory pleasures. Living by the beach, observing nature's grandeur is a constant inspiration. I find myself wanting to capture life's majesties from birds soaring through the sky, to dancing waves, to billowy palm trees, to glorious sunsets. I must mention my first inspiration, my dad. He taught me to open my eyes to the beauty of the natural world. The simple joy of watching a flower bloom from day to day excites me. Although he is no longer here, I want to thank him for giving me this passion, as he also loved to paint. 

Most of my work has been in water color and oil paint. I love capturing life's movement; it is a beauty in itself.  Recently, I have started painting with oil and enjoy the brilliance and blending of color. Did I mention I love color?!  I hope you enjoy looking at my paintings.

-Marlene Greenberg